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Are you a CS student or know any CS students who would be interested in getting paid to contribute to Inkscape?

This year we are participating in Google Summer of Code again. Google Summer of Code is a global program where university students are given a stipend to write code for open source projects over a three month period. Through Google Summer of Code, accepted students are paired with a mentor from the participating projects, gaining exposure to real-world software development and the opportunity for employment in areas related to their academic pursuits. Best of all, more source code is created and released for the use and benefit of all.

If you are eligible for the program and willing to do some good for the project, please have a look at our ideas page, existing blueprints and then join inkscape-devel@ mailing list to introduce yourself and tell us which project you would like to do. You can also drop by #inkscape on to inquire further. If you have your own idea you want to work on, don't be shy about it. Students applications can be submitted until April 8.

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March 30, 2011


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